Antoine Greizmann, current Barcelona forward who joined from Atletico Madrid over the summer says he didn’t come to Camp Nou to win titles rather to grow as a human being and a professional.
Speaking about his former clubs including Real Sociedad, the world cup winner maintained that he enjoyed every bit of moment he spent at his former clubs, both in defeat and in victory.

He left Real Sociedad at a time everyone thought he was ripe enough to join either of the big two or any other big daddy across Europe’s five biggest leagues but the French man opted for Diego Simeone’s Atletico.
He maintains that his mode of thinking when it comes to transfers hasn’t changed ever since.
After struggling at the beginning, the Catalan’s current no. 11 says adjusting to the rest of the team is a battle he now wins nowadays.

For all of the France international’s beautiful speech, declaring that the chance of winning titles was never weighed in on his move to Barca is one lie even himself will struggle to believe.

An African proverb was said it is only when you can lie to yourself that you can be sure you are good at it.
Atletico for all of the progress Diego Simeone had made over the years remain at best, a third rate team from the Spanish capital of Madrid.

Even the UEFA Champions League which they came within seconds from winning was snapped out of their hands simply because they weren’t good enough not to lose against a Cristiano Ronaldo led Real Madrid.
To keep signing players like Alvaro Morata, Diego Costa and Fernando Torres all from Chelsea after they can be said to have past their prime remains a prime example of how their lack of purchasing power will continue to undermine them.